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I have been a cooking devotee my whole life, and since becoming a chef, I have had the opportunity to travel and learn about global cuisine. I currently live in Houston, Texas, where I help run the company I co-founded, Sola®. Sola® is a food business that offers our signature Sola® brand sweetener, as well as an exciting range of low-carb, sugar-free, prepared foods for sale in retail outlets. We are pioneering great-tasting, genuinely healthy packaged food products, all of which are backed with clinical studies showing blood sugar and insulin responses.

My recipes reflect my personal style of cooking and travel experiences, so you'll definitely see a British influence, along with a strong American theme. There are recipes inspired by both the Northern and Southern parts of the US; I have spent much time in Maine and the Texas hill country, and have taken several road trips. I also love Middle-Eastern, Indian, and Asian styles of cuisine, so you will find global influences as well.

Over the past several years I have become fascinated with low-carb cooking and absolutely love the options that it offers. So many fad diets can be bland, boring, and hard to stick with, whereas the low-carb lifestyle approach allows you to enjoy a wonderful array of fresh meats, fish, cheeses, nuts, soft summer fruits, and even cream. The reduction of carbohydrates means that you end up eating a lot more vegetables, which is another part of the diet that I am particularly fond of.

From my point of view, living a low-carb lifestyle is so easy that it can be done anywhere that good food is available. Whether you live in South Africa, India, or Australia, you don't need crazily intricate ingredients to cook and eat amazing low-carb meals.



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